Swap Hathor to Nano

Nano Address to receive NANO:

HTR/NANO rate: 0.09173 NANO
HTR: swaps to 0.46 NANO
Min. deposit: 0.5 HTR / Max. deposit: 248.29 HTR


JIT stands for Just In Time. It allows you to swap between cryptocurrencies super fast.

JIT Swap doesn't want to store your funds. It's risky and causes a lot of trouble. When you send your funds, JIT Swap wil send out your requested funds almost immediately and you will receive your them Just In Time!

If you do have trouble, head over to the contact page and let us know!

Yes there is a small fee calculated in the exchange rate. the buy and sell rate are determined based on exchange rates at other exchanges and previous trades on this platform. The fee is there to cover the costs of support, development and for the risk of providing liquidity.
Always check the current exchange rate so you know what to expect.

The current exchange rate is always displayed when starting a new swap. The actual exchange rate used for your swap is determined when your funds are received in the JIT Swap wallet.